State of the art technology; reduced operation cost of system's life cycle.

Category: Rotational

Treatment: Head / Body

Focusing: Non isometric rotary focusing

Number collimator channels: 120

Dose Distribution: Programmable arcs

Protection: Beam close to any degree of arc

Infini represents a revolutionary advancement in stereotactic radiosurgery. Infini utilizes innovative and advanced technology to deliver state of the art performance while simultaneously reducing system life cycle costs.

• Expanded treatment volume that increases intracranial reach.

• Automated patient positioning  optimizing  overall treatment process.

• Unmatched dose sculpturing using patented Rotary Focusing technology and Independent Beam Switch Control.

• Automatic and rapid collimator change outs.

• The ability to open or close radiation therapy beams at any degree of arc to protect organs at risk.

• Comprehensive treatment planning using state of the art InfiniPlanTM software.

• Shielding enhancements that provide improved patient protection.