32kw high frequency mobile x ray system with portable FPD

Get more functions with simple structure.

Advanced Varian FPD Detector Technology

Multi-function Integrated Design, Simple Operation, Instant imaging,

Advanced high performance CCD Detector Technology

High quality Canon FPD Detector

The conventional X-Ray with the best price/quality ratio in the world

The only brand recommended by China Ministry of Health

Modern technology, integrated and ergonomic design fully meet the requirements for breast clinical diagnosis.

International famous generator, high quality image system.

The first C-shape open MRI in China

The most open C-shaped magnet

Fluoroscopy X-Ray with DSA function which can achieve Radiography function.

Rich on clinical applications, clearer diagnostic images.

Low cost , Easy to operate Double-Tube, Double-Table RF System

State-of-the-art flat panel detector technology

Premium color Doppler beyond your imagination.

Palm size ultrasound scanner for farm animals.

All-in-one compact design with comprehensive applications.

Portable design with multiple functions.

Portable B&W model with compact design and excellent images.

Cost-effective B/W ultrasound with quality images.

Laptop B/W ultrasound with superior image quality in compact design