Angiography intervention system CGO – 2100 FPD

State-of-the-art flat panel detector technology

Ergonomic Mechanical Design

Excellent Image Quality 

Silent High-speed X-ray Tube 

  • Digital Angiography based on FPD technology.
  • Networking module design make great breakthroughs in system integration control, image acquisition and processing.
  • Fulfills the medical requirement of interventional cardiac and vascular treatment.
  • The most ideal imaging size: 40 × 30cm (16 "× 12"); achieve more diagnostic information without disturbing the surgical process.
  • the detector rotation function meets the need of heart; brain; chest; abdomen and lower limb radiography expediently.
  • Floor mounted three axes design can easily achieve the switch between C-arm's head position, left position and right position. 
  • Unique structure always keeps the patient in the center of sight and fulfills all examinations and surgical purposes.