Radiotherapy Simulator

Radiotherapy Simulator with large-field amorphous silicon flat panel provide digital and high resolution images, as excellent as films.

43cm x 43cm panel detector

Pulsed fluoroscopy function

Perform MLC plan design

Automatic image stitching function

  • High isocentric accuracy.
  • Providing high resolution images and enhanced fluoroscopy function as well as pincushion images correction function.
  • Asymmetric fields simulation technology can be applied to a broad range of patient positioning.
  • Main moving parts adopt low-speed start, high-speed running and low-speed stop control mode.
  • The dual channel data acquisition and display system ensures higher safety.
  • The software integrates the image processing system with the simulator control system.
  • The standard DICOM RT interface can transmit positioning images and data simultaneously.
  • The integrated structure ensures high accuracy of the locating datum between the gantry and the couch.
  • The product has passed CE certification and has been exported to many European and Asian countries.